Richard moore outdoor report

Richard moore outdoor report

Skip navigation Sign in. Spring allergy season could worsen - Duration: Richard Moore Outdoor Report. It may not quite feel like it just yet, but when it comes to spring, southernmost Texas is way ahead of the rest of the nation. Richard Moore shows us the birds of the Rio Grande Valley are www. Loading Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue m. Donna Reservoir and Canal cleanup Video. New tool to help in natural disasters Video.

Vaccine created for coronavirus Video. Gun used in Harlingen murder is found Video. Pursing strategies to increase wages on the www. Of all the South Texas songsters, the raucous chachalacas reign supreme when it comes to welcoming the day. These tropical denizens are unrivaled when it comes to decibel level and sheer enthusiasm.

richard moore outdoor report

Sure, according to the calendar it is officially winter, but native birds are not waiting to voice their joy and eagerness for change in seasons.

In the spring, I am entranced by the songsters, such as the Curve-billed thrasher, who greet the dawn with their enthusiastic singing.Forest management Topics: fire, health, landowners.

Lands and outdoor activities Topics: activities, parks, property management.

richard moore outdoor report

Water resources Topics: drinking water, watershed, fisheries. We seek employees with a strong customer service philosophy and an attitude of helpfulness. We at your Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources want you to know we are here for you and our great state as we go through the COVID public health emergency together.

Tony Evers issued the Safer at Home order Tuesday to "help slow the spread of COVID so we can flatten the curve to ensure our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have the opportunity to do their important work. Wednesday, March 25,through 8 a. Friday, April 24,or until a superseding order is issued.

As we continue operations, please understand that most of our staff are teleworking and may have limited access to files, delayed online connectivity and not in the field as usual. The Safer at Home order item As a result, all State Parks, Trails and Forests remain open and all fees are now waived.

Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Peccaries Appear

All current regulations apply for hunting, trapping and fishing seasons. Distance is key during this public health emergency. Staying home as much as possible and limiting travel to your community is the best way to lower COVID infection rates. If you do go out, implement social distancing and stay at least 6 feet away from other people at all times.

This is a rapidly evolving situation. Additional information can be found on the CDC website. We will update information as needed during this fluid situation.

Need an expert? Contact the Office of Communications. Learn more about ways to Connect with DNR. Webster Street. Site requirements Accessibility Legal Privacy Employee resources. Current topics Forest management Topics: fire, health, landowners. Settings Close Menu. Protection Menu Close Menu. Subscribe to DNR Updates To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below.

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Richard Moore Outdoor Report: Grebes

Outdoor Report Published March 27, Canada geese migrating. Photo credit: DNR. Current Alerts No Air Alerts.

Red Crowned Parrots

Wild Wisconsin - Off the Record Podcast. News Releases Outdoor Report. Get Outdoors!The red-crowned amazon Amazona viridigenalisalso known as the red-crowned parrotgreen-cheeked amazon or Mexican red-headed parrotis a highly social, endangered amazon parrot native to northeastern Mexico and the southwestern United States. The current native wild population of between 1, and 2, is decreasing. The main threats to the native bird's survival are the illegal export of trapped birds from Mexico to the United States for the pet trade and the destruction of their natural habitat, the lowland forests of northeastern Mexico.

Their appearance is generally green with the most notable features being a bright red forehead and crown, dark blue streak behind the eyes, and light green cheeks. It is not uncommon for Red-crowned Amazons to have splashes of red and blue under their wings and have light yellow-tipped tails.

Their iris color can range from a bright yellow to a deep red, although juveniles' eyes are gray until maturity. Red-crowned amazons usually have horn colored beaks and ceres but these can sometimes have black highlights. Their legs are flesh-colored or gray. They are approximately inches in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers with a wingspan of inches.

Amazon parrots are not sexually dimorphicso the only true way to know a parrot's sex is by genetic testing. Their average weight is g. Their natural range is across the lowlands of northeastern Mexico through the Southern tip of Texas.

Feral birds have bred in urban communities of southern California, southern Florida and the island of Oahu in Hawaii. However, because parrots were not mentioned in the Migratory Bird Treaty Act ofbirds in the Texas portion of their range are not entitled to USFWS protection and must rely on enacted state and local laws.

richard moore outdoor report

The numbers of wild parrots in the U. They gather in large flocks being noisiest in the morning and evening. The characteristic screeching heard of these birds usually occurs when they travel in a large flock to a new feeding area. Their diet consists of seedsfruitsflowers and nectar. Red-crowned amazons nest in tree cavities, like most other parrots.

Amazons are one of the easiest parrots to read the behavior of, as their eye color shows their pinning exceptionally well.

Red-crowned amazons pin their eyes when they are excited, either positively or negatively, about something in their environment. It is easy to make out the dilations of the pupil against the bright iris. This pinning, combined with different behavioral signs, can let a fellow parrot or an owner know how the parrot is feeling. An angry parrot may fan its tail feathers while a content, affectionate parrot may purr, or bend their head down to be scratched.

These parrots are often kept as pets and can be very affectionate and playful when given the attention they need from their owners. Although some are excellent talkers and copy voices, they are best at mimicking sounds that stand out to them, such as the microwave, telephone or other pets.

Many owners report a streak of mischief due to their heightened curiosity. Common challenges associated with owning this type of parrot includes being able to provide enough exercise for it and convincing it to eat a varied, healthy diet, close to the diet it would have in the wild.

Amazons are known for becoming sedentary if not provided enough stimuli, and this can lead to health issues, such as obesity. These birds are not regarded as overly sensitive and are actually one of the hardier large species to own as a pet because common stressors for other companion parrot species are coped with better and neurotic behaviors due to stress or depression, such as feather pluckingare infrequent when compared to other species.

Another challenge some owners face is the hormonal bluffing during the breeding season spring for adolescents that causes some parrots, especially males, to be more prone to nipping their owners, biting anyone who is not their favorite person and screaming.Richard Moore takes us out where these denizens of the chaparral dwell. News Break App. South Texas. Conroe, TX yourconroenews. Fishing on Lake Conroe has been good for the past weeks.

The water is clear in the main lake and a little cloudy from the run off in the back waters. The water temperature at the dam has been running 64 degrees early in the morning and warms up as the day progresses. The level is Pool is feet above mean sea level.

richard moore outdoor report

The Leatherback Turtle was seen emerging from the sea in an unknown location, resting in the sand and then heading back just to disappear in the waves. NASA recently revealed some shocking details of an asteroid that is moving rapidly to Earth. This asteroid is now moving toward our planet at a frightening speed of 10, mph. A second Coronavirus wave will crash over the US this winter and will last until March next year with 1.

The coronavirus outbreak will end in the next few days, but will return in a second wave that reaches its apex this winter, according to a new timeline from Morgan Stanley. The same timeline, which combines state models, has the pandemic fading away in as a vaccine becomes available.

Florida CNN 15d. A Florida man dies days after hundreds of people exposed to coronavirus walked around the world's busiest airport. CNN — Kevin and Ryan Sheehan will never know whether their father heard them say goodbye on speaker phone. Tom Sheehan, 68, was fighting for his life in Sarasota, Florida, with what he thought was bronchitis, but turned out to be Covid He was hospitalized on March 21, a day after he returned from a cruise on the Costa Luminosa.

Baltimore, MD cbslocal. Larry Hogan, and a rise in fatalities could come as early as mid-April. Louisiana CrimeOnline 27d. A Louisiana woman awaiting her coronavirus test results died on her kitchen floor while waiting for her results, according to reports. She wanted to ensure elderly people had a chance to take the test. New Orleans, LA bigeasymagazine. You Have 72 Hours. In the midst of a major economic downturn, millions of workers nationwide are struggling to make ends meet.

In New Orleans, these workers are the lifeblood of our economy — our hotel workers, musicians, servers, and performers.

Richard Moore's Outdoor Report

While evictions are currently suspended citywide, landlords continue to threaten families with homelessness — while failing to maintain proper living conditions. The real reason you shouldn't go to the grocery store for two weeks.

People in 42 states are under orders to stay at home unless making an essential trip — to the grocery store, for example, or to work at an essential job via CBS.Richard Moore Outdoo Richard Moore takes us out with a dozen baby ducks as they take their first stroll and swim. News Break App. Brownsville, TX valleymorningstar. Greg Abbott to a special advisory council tasked with helping businesses strategically reopen while containing the spread of COVID After serving in the U.

Army for seven years, Luis Garcia wanted to expand his aviation maintenance knowledge. The Brownsville native wanted to remain in the Valley, and Leo Guajardo, an aviation maintenance instructor in Harlingen, saw an opportunity for him.

Brownsville, TX riograndeguardian. Mejia: Small businesses need more help from federal government. Mcallen, TX megadoctornews. We encourage you to support local merchants. During these times of need, we can rise as a community and help each other out. COM 1d. It stated in the press release, the congressman was joined by Dr. COM 2d. Brownsville has been home to the Camille Playhouse since but that could change if funding runs out said Board Member Roy de Los Santos.

Brownsville, TX losfresnosnews. NWS celebrates years of forecasting the weather. Forecasting the climate is something the National Weather Service has been doing for decades and it will keep doing it for as long as the organization is in existence.

Grant, who signed a resolution to allow the secretary of war to set a national weather warning service. Brownsville, TX texasborderbusiness.

Brownsville woman shares story after testing positive. She only had a weird rash on her arms and belly and what felt like allergies that she thought were because of the weather constantly changing. Rio Grande Valley border agents reporting frequent encounters with drug smugglers. At 13 years old he left home on a ship, where he unintentionally became involved in a war.

Brownsville, TX yourbasin. Brownsville, TX Reuters 2d.Richard Moore explains during this continuing crisis, the power of nature to soothe our souls is vital. While the ongoing corona crisis keeps most of us sheltering in place, the power of nature to nurture becomes even more apparent.

The frenetic pace of modern life has slowed, and if there is a silver lining to this temporary sedentary existence it is the opportunity to savor the pause and open ones senses to nature. Neighborhood birds are joyfully singing, while myriad migratory birds flit thru our yards seeking sustenance to fuel them on their northward journey. While civilization has slowed, the natural world flows with unceasing vigor as nesting season progresses and migratory marvels unfold. Indeed, the more populated, crowded and high tech we become the more nature we need.

In this time of crisis we crave even more vitamin N as in Nature, and while vistas of wilderness and boundless seashore are perhaps temporarily beyond our reach our backyards beckon.

Perhaps, if you look closely at that backyard butterfly weed you will notice those strikingly yellow and black monarch caterpillars munching away. And just over there on that nearby tree you may witness one of the most craftily camouflaged creatures in nature as the Anole lizard changes its color from bright green to brown matching the bark it clings to.

Maybe this spring you will even be fortunate enough to have a buff-bellied humming bird nest in your yard. Skip to content.As Richard Moore shows us, local bee-keepers are able to remove the potentially dangerous colonies without harming them and turn them into valuable pollinators.

An abandoned pack rat nest at the base of a weathered mesquite conceals a colony of wild bees in the ranch country of southernmost Texas. Numerous honeycombs hang from the trunk and extend beneath the ground where thousands of bees thrive.

This hive, like nearly all the wild beehives in the Rio Grande Valley, are Africanized bees since the aggressive species first migrated from South America arriving in Hidalgo, Texas in The protective gear is necessary as the Africanized bees known, as killer bees, can be very aggressive. Attacking swarms of them have killed people and animals.

However, these beekeepers are experts, and with practiced technique they will gradually smoke out the bees from their lair, gently vacuum up the more aggressive guard bees and then relocate the entire hive into a box for transportation. Rather than kill the bees with insecticide, they will be taken to an apiary or beekeepers property where they will be bred to become less aggressive and eventually be used as important pollinators.

Bees are vital as pollinators and approximately a third of our food supply is dependent on them, and honeybees help produce some 19 billion dollars worth of agricultural crops annually in the United States. So that is what I do, I do pollination. My number is Skip to content.

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